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David Derwin

Commodity Portfolio Manager with Ventum Financial

“I've worked with Tracy for over five years to help take my message to farming communities. She does a great job of bringing challenging topics to a personal level so people can internalize them and better understand them.

​Storytelling is an art & science and I always appreciate how she can weave together important points to make a story come to life.”


Jill Wallace

Director of Marketing and Operations, eMotors Direct Inc.

"We are very happy with the episode - your passion for the industry certainly shines through and made for an engaging conversation. I can see you have a very engaged audience with all the views the video has racked up already. We'll be posting the episode as a three part series on our YouTube page as well and using the content for email nurture with our existing Ag customers.

​We appreciate your support for eMotors! Looking forward to potentially working together again down the road. It was a true pleasure."

Heather Watson

Executive Director, Farm Management Canada (FMC)

“I've worked with Tracy for over five years to help take my message to farming communities. She does a great job of bringing challenging topics to a personal level so people can internalize them and better understand them.


Reach Farmers. Today.

Reach Farmers. Today.

So, Why Farm Marketer Advertising

Let’s face it – There are many advertising options out there, and it’s hard to choose which options will be the most effective to advertise your companies’ product and services.

That’s Where Farm Marketer Comes in.

Farm Marketer is a Canadian digital media company that publishes agricultural content. We are the leading marketplace for rural and agriculture properties for sale in Canada, and we are also home to the information that matters most to Canadian farmers; news, commodities, agriculture events, and much more.

Farm Marketer is also the proud producer of the award-winning agriculture show, The Impact Farming Show. The Impact Farming Show is a weekly video and podcast show dedicated to introducing farmers to the people and ideas that will make an IMPACT on their farming operation.

We believe that we are more than just an agriculture publisher and news source for Canadian Farmers. Farm Marketer and The Impact Farming Show are creating a movement towards IMPACTING farmers and their operation.

Why? Because we believe that when farmers do well, mentally/physically/financially on the farm, the entire industry does well!

In addition to presenting companies with the opportunity to reach Canadian farmers in a highly innovative manner, Farm Marketer & The Impact Farming Show provides agriculture companies with the opportunity to align their brand with this phenomenal industry movement.

It's our mission, and you can be part of it...

​Will you join us?

Farm Marketer Is The Secret To Your Marketing Efforts

It’s the difference between reaching a qualified audience or advertising using the hope and pray method. Hope you are reaching the right audience and praying that farmers will see your advertising.


  • Hoping You Are Reaching Real Farmers
  • So Many Wasted Ad Dollars
  • Getting Lost In A Sea of Marketing Sameness
  • Advertising Frustration


  • ​Knowing You Are Reaching Real Farmers
  • Using Your Marketing Dollars Effectively
  • Ample Solutions To Help You STAND OUT
  • Opposite of Frustration

Do You Like Feeling The Opposite Of Frustration?

Then Start Your Farm Marketer Marketing Campaign Today!

Reach Farmers. Today.

Farm Marketer Reaches Canadian Farmers - YOUR Future Customers

Reach Farmers. Today.

​Each year is visited by over 100,000 Farmers from 10 provinces, 3 territories, and from over 1130 agriculture communities across Canada.

What if you could place your products and services in front of these farmers?

Our chief aim is to provide the most extensive selection of rural properties for sale anywhere in Canada.

  • What would it do for your company awareness?
  • ​What would it feel like to have a steady flow of farmers visiting your website?
  • ​What if you could convert these website visitors into HOT leads?​

How much peace of mind would this give you to know that you FINALLY have an advertising plan in place that allows you to place your company in front of farmers?

But That’s Not All Farm Marketer Does…

Farm Marketer Advertising Gives Companies Like Yours Everything You Need to Market, Advertise and Tell Your Company’s Story To Farmers That Need Your Products

All With One Publisher!


Farm Marketer Advertising Solutions

A Multi-Platform Brand

​Reaching farmers with a multi-platform approach



*Based on annual membership ($299.50/yr)

Basic Listing Exposure

  • Enhanced Profile
  • ​Member Dashboard
  • ​Unlimited Listings
  • ​Data Entry​

No Contracts . Cancel Anytime



*Based on annual membership ($499.50/yr)

50% More Exposure

  • Enhanced Profile
  • ​Member Dashboard
  • ​Unlimited Listings
  • ​Data Entry
  • Premium Placement

No Contracts . Cancel Anytime



*Based on annual membership ($699.50/yr)

Top Exposure Package!
70% More Exposure

  • Enhanced Profile
  • ​Member Dashboard
  • ​Unlimited Listings
  • ​Data Entry
  • ​​Premium Placement
  • Social Media Exposure
  • Farm Marketer E-Newsletter Exposure

No Contracts . Cancel Anytime



*Based on annual membership ($899.50/yr)

Two Websites
One Low Price

  • Gold Exposure on Farm Marketer and Cottage Marketer Websites.

No Contracts . Cancel Anytime

Let Me Show You All Our Carefully Crafted Marketing Solutions

Reach Farmers. Today.

Farm Marketer Advertising Solutions

Display Advertising Solutions

In agriculture, online advertising remains one of the most effective ways to place products and services in front of Canadian farmers.

Would you like to drive a flood of new potential customers to your website?

If so, display advertising is perfect for you!

We offer:

  • Standard Ad Units: 728x90, 300x250, 320x50
  • High Impact Units: 300x600, 970x90
  • ​Home Page Takeovers: All Home Page Inventory & Units for One Week
  • ​All industry standard ads accepted (jpg, giff, and third-party tags)

Farm Marketer provides our clients with a well-rounded offering of digital advertising solutions designed to help companies reach Canadian farmers as they visit our website and interact with our content.

​Digital advertising offers the click factor that drives qualified farmers to your website to learn more.

Reach Farmers. Today.

Farm Marketer Advertising Solutions

Sponsored Content

Farm Marketer is pleased to introduce our Sponsored Content Package that we developed specifically to help our clients engage with our loyal readers.

This advertising opportunity is designed to unite advertising and editorial in a way that is beneficial to both the sponsor and the reader. Sponsors gain access to our highly targeted audience of progressive farmers. Those same farmers get relevant editorial content designed to inform them about products and services that would benefit their farming operation.

Sponsored content is a great tool for communicating with customers, building engagement, driving traffic, and directing customers to key content.

​Get Your Story Published in Farm Marketer’s News

Reach Farmers. Today.

Farm Marketer Advertising Solutions

Farm Marketer’s Award-Winning Newsletter

Combined with our digital advertising, email newsletters are a great way to reach your targeted audience, building a deeper relationship with our audience and increasing brand awareness.

This opportunity was created with your brand in mind.

​Place your products and services right in your ideal customer’s inbox.

Reach Farmers. Today.

Farm Marketer Advertising Solutions

Social Media Posts

It’s no secret that social media is everywhere and plays a big role today.

Social media is essential in marketing yourself and expanding your business.

Farm Marketer has thousands of active farmers in our social communities.

They trust our brand and they trust our content.

Leverage our reputation and community to reach your target audience on the most popular social platforms.

Looking To Level Up Your Marketing Efforts?

If so, we have audio and video marketing solutions design to super charge your marketing

Farm Marketer Advertising Solutions

The Impact Farming Show

Welcome to Impact Farming, a podcast and video show dedicated to helping Canadian farmers excel in the business of farming.

Our goal with this show is to introduce our audience, Canadian Farmers, to the people and ideas that are going to make an impact on their farm business.

​Host Tracy Brunet chats with today’s most successful farm advisors and industry leaders to bring our audience the best and most important ideas.

This show is designed to bring Canadian farmers impactful farm business information that can be consumed on the go.

Reach Farmers. Today.

Reach Farmers. Today.

Farm Marketer Advertising Solutions

The Impact Farming Show

Welcome to Impact Farming, a podcast and video show dedicated to helping Canadian farmers excel in the business of farming.

Our goal with this show is to introduce our audience, Canadian Farmers, to the people and ideas that are going to make an impact on their farm business.

​Host Tracy Brunet chats with today’s most successful farm advisors and industry leaders to bring our audience the best and most important ideas.

This show is designed to bring Canadian farmers impactful farm business information that can be consumed on the go.

Impact Farming Show Topics

Farmer Health & Happiness

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Mental Health Best Practices
  • ​Farm Family Communication
  • ​Conflict Resolution

Leading People & Ideas

  • New Software
  • ​Advocating
  • Farm Culture
  • ​Leadership Development
  • ​The Future of Agriculture
  • The Farmer of Tomorrow

Farm Business Management

  • Accounting
  • ​Financial Planning & Management
  • Lending
  • ​Legal
  • Insurance
  • Government Programs
  • Transition Planning
  • Much much more

Impact Farming is produced and published by Farm Marketer. As one of the leading agriculture media companies in Canada, our show can be found on the following powerful platforms:

Publisher Platform: Farm Marketer Media Platform


  • Farm Marketer e-Newsletter

Social Media

Farm Marketer Social Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • ​Instagram
  • ​LinkedIn
  • And TikTok

Audio & Video Streaming Destinations

The podcast is published and distributed to:

  • And additional popular destinations


"Our goal with this show is to introduce our audience, Canadian Farmers, to the people and ideas that are going to make an impact on their farm business." 

Impact Farming Show Sponsorship


Would You Like Your Business Advertised on The Impact Farming Show?

Impact Farming’s Show Sponsorship opportunity is designed to give companies the ability to advertise their products and services to Canadian farmers while they are consuming content they enjoy.

  • Are you a business that sells a product or service designed for farmers?
  • ​If farmers knew about your products and services, would it improve their operation?
  • ​Are you looking for a more personal, genuine, and effective way to tell farmers about your company?​

If you could engage farmers with your brand as they hear or watch your commercial during an episode of impact farming…

​What would this do for your brand recognition?

Our Show Sponsors

Are you considering show sponsorship as an innovative way to drive awareness for your company?

Here are just a handful of sponsored episodes on The Impact Farming Show.

We invite you to click on the images and click over to the show page on Farm Marketer. We encourage you to click the video and audio players to see the sponsor's commercials. You will notice other sponsorship benefits including; sponsor logo, link, and sponsor recognition. The sponsor logo is also prominently displayed on all show graphics.

​Our goal is to put our show sponsors front and centre in each episode.


Why Podcast & Video Sponsorship?

The proportion of North Americans listening to podcasts has nearly doubled in the past nine years and is projected to continue growing for the foreseeable future. And since interest in podcasting has risen so sharply, an increasing number of advertisers are leveraging this trend to promote their products and services.

How about video? The same goes for video. Here are just a few stats to demonstrate the power behind these two mediums:

  • How many podcasts are there? According to Apple statistics, there are 525,000 active podcast shows with more than 18.5 million episodes.
  • YouTube has over 1.9 billion logged-in monthly users.
  • 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms like YouTube to live TV.
  • ​​By 2025, half of the viewers under 32 will not subscribe to a pay-TV service.

If you are a business owner or marketer and you are trying to decide if podcast and video sponsorship is a good way to reach your audience, these stats should demonstrate the amazing reach that podcast and video sponsorship can have for your brand.

The Benefits of Show Sponsorship

Podcast and video sponsorship are not like traditional advertising.

Shows like The Impact Farming Show are explicitly selected by listeners for their content, so the audience is intentional, engaged, and highly specific.

Are you considering show sponsorship as an innovative way to drive awareness for your company?

​We have compiled a list of the TOP 5 reasons brands choose to advertise on podcasts and vlogs:

How about video? The same goes for video. Here are just a few stats to demonstrate the power behind these two mediums:


Podcasters are by far the most loyal and engaged audience of a medium out there. According to, podcasts can engage listeners in a way that traditional media cannot. When podcasters speak in a listener’s ear, it feels as if they’re being spoken to more directly. Audience members form relationships with the host and become more rapidly addicted to the content.


Adding to the “addiction” factor is the ability to take a podcast ANYWHERE the listener goes. As a result, many listeners say that the podcast becomes a part of their daily routine, whether it be when feeding cows, doing field work, delivering grain, or running tedious farm errands. Because it’s (mostly) audio, they can listen while doing other things – and then they consume more of the content.

Multi-Platform Exposure

A huge benefit of advertising on a video and podcast show like The Impact Farming Show is that you receive multi-platform exposure. When you sponsor a show, you get exposure on; our website, social media channels, audio destinations, video destinations, our newsletter, and you are also featured in our our Impact Farming Show email subscription lists. When you sponsor one episode of the show, you get well over $10,000 in advertising for a fraction of the cost.


You will never hear about a person “just flipping” through podcasts. The shows that people download are carefully selected and curated by topic. The audience has made a conscious choice to listen to podcasts, and are much more invested in the topic, and by association, the products and services advertised.

Buying Power

Podcast and video show listeners are typically in the higher income brackets and have a higher education level demographic. In addition, because they’ve developed relationships with the host and the content, they’re more likely to make a purchase as a result of an advertisement they have heard through a podcast.

Permanent Endorsement

Because of the nature of audio and video advertising, our client's commercial remains on that episode permanently – no matter how many times it’s downloaded. Well, after the air date, the ad will continue to receive downloads and growth as the podcast does. That is a benefit not offered by any other medium.

Reach Farmers. Today.

The Opportunity

As Show Sponsor, You Will Receive:

  • 15 or 30 second video commercial in the video segment
  • 15 or 30 second audio commercial in the podcast segment
  • Sponsor recognition and logo on the show page.
  • Company logo on show graphics.
  • Sponsor recognition and tagging on all social media posts.
  • Sponsor recognition on Wednesday & Friday edition of Farm Marketer e-Newsletters.

As show sponsor our goal is to place your company front and center in front of your future customers.

Are You Looking To Place Your Company In Front Of Canadian Farmers?

If so, don’t wait and book your show sponsorship today!

Reach Farmers. Today.

Guest Appearance On Show


Would you like to be a guest on The Impact Farming Show?

Guests on The Impact Farming Show are passionate and knowledgeable about agriculture and what they do. They have a desire to help farmers and a message they would like to share with the world. They are dedicated to the success of Canadian farmers. Our show is dedicated to bringing Canadian farmers the people and ideas that will IMPACT their farming operation.

Do you share our vision and passion for helping farmers succeed?

Do you and your company provide a product or service that helps farmers on their farming operation?

If so, a Company Showcase on The Impact Farming Show might be an excellent fit for sharing your specialized knowledge with our show audience.

​If you have a show idea or are interested in becoming a guest on The Impact Farming Show, we encourage you to purchase a Company Showcase Today!

Company Showcase Clients

Here are just a handful of The Impact Farming Company Showcases recorded with various Canadian agriculture companies.

Curious what being a show guest is all about? We invite you to browse through the images below and click over to the show page on Farm Marketer. Watch a video and listen to the podcast version. You will also see other company showcase benefits, including company profile (name, picture, bio), guest name, social media links, and a link to your company website. 

​Our goal is to help you share your expertise while spotlighting your company, products, and services in a natural conversational manner.

5 Benefits of Being a Show Guest

Maybe you never thought of being a guest on a podcast or video show as a great way to promote yourself and your company. If so, you are not alone. Although podcasts and video shows seem to be everywhere these days, it's still fairly new to agriculture, and it is growing rapidly.

If listeners value the information you present, they will save it, use it to refer back to, and share it with others. The episode is not a hard sell. It’s about the quality content that you can share that will help the listener get better.

So with that being said, let's dive into the 5 benefits of being a podcast guest.

Reach a Highly
Engaged Audience

Those who listen to specific podcasts and watch YouTube shows are highly targeted individuals who tune in regularly. With just one guest appearance, you can gain exposure to new audiences and generate top-of-mind awareness. For shows like The Impact Farming Show, the original podcast and video will be available on Farm Marketer iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, iHeartRadio YouTube, etc, as soon as it’s published and will be accessible for years to come.

Highlight Your Company, Products/Services, and Expertise

Podcasters invite guests who present valuable content to share with their audience. This is a great way to share your expertise while having the show host return the favor and highlight your business in a natural manner throughout the show. It is a great way to generate awareness without being salesy.

Build Relationships & Respect Within The industry

Guest-starring provides the added benefit of being endorsed by the podcast host as an expert. Additionally, lively interactions with the host will help form a stronger connection with listeners as well as a reputation boost.

Content. Content. Content

There are many ways to share the content even after the show is recorded. Publish snippets of your interview in blog posts with links to where the podcast lives. Feature your guest interview appearance in your company newsletter. You can play the interview in your trade show booth. Pull quotes to share on your other social media channels. The options are endless, and if used correctly, this one interview can get you a dozen or more different marketing pieces. We all know how hard it can be to brainstorm and create content. Why not get maximum mileage from the interview where the host is bragging about your company.

Generate Awareness
& Drive Sales

You can get lots of leads by being a guest on podcasts, but you shouldn't sell during the interview – this is a big no-no. Your job as a guest expert is to share your story and educate. If listeners like and learn from what you say, you will get leads by nature of being an informative guest with a product or service that they need and want.

Being featured on a podcast can help set you apart from competitors and provide your company with greater respect within the industry.

​If you have a show idea and are interested in becoming a guest on The Impact Farming Show, we encourage you to reach out to see if it might be a fit.

Reach Farmers. Today.

The Opportunity

As Show Guest, You Will Receive:

Our Show Host, Tracy Brunet, will interview a guest expert from your company about your products and services. In order to have the interview appear natural, versus sounding like one long commercial for the guest’s company, our goal is to always interview our guest about the umbrella topic (determined in advance) and weave in your company's products and services throughout the interview in a more natural flow. All interviews are facilitated through ZOOM to create a high-quality episode in BOTH video and audio format.

​Each episode, once produced, is usually around 30 to 45 minutes and is then distributed to the following platforms:

  • Farm Marketer’s website in both the News and Impact Farming sections.
  • The show Guest and company are highlighted on the episode show page.
  • ​The Company is prominently featured on show graphics for the episode (See examples below).
  • The podcast segment is published to: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud & IHeartRadio.
  • The video segment is published to YouTube and
  • The episode is featured in our Wednesday and Friday broadcast of Farm Marketer eNewsletter.
  • ​The company is promoted and tagged on social media during that week on both Farm Marketer and Impact Farming’s social platforms.

Are you looking to place your company in front of Canadian farmers?

If so, don’t wait and book your company showcase today.

Reach Farmers. Today.

Expert Corner


Do You Have Expertise To Share With Farmers?

Our new Expert’s Corner aims to provide Canadian farmers with bite-sized video tips on grain marketing, insurance, farm business management, and precision agriculture.

Our goal is to help bring Canadian farmers the best business knowledge from the brightest minds in agriculture to improve their farm business practices.

Building off The Impact Farming Show’s success, these segments will allow industry experts the opportunity to dive deeper into and provide actionable advice that we cannot cover in one 30-minute episode of the Impact Farming Show.

Each segment consists of a quick-hitting 10-to-15-minute video focused on one topic and one specific tip.

SUCCESS TIP: Book a series of 5 Expert Corner Segments to create a powerful content series that walks farmers through who you are, what you do, why you developed your product/service, what your product/service is, and how farmers can use your product on their farming operation.

​This marketing opportunity is excellent for products or services that are new to market, misunderstood, and/or need a large educational component in their marketing to farmers.

Reach Farmers. Today.

The Opportunity

As Guest Expert, You Will Receive:

  • 10 to 15 Minute Video Product Spotlight
  • 10 to 15 Minute Audio Product Spotlight
  • Farm Marketer News Article promoting segment.
  • Segment promoted in Farm Marketer’s Award-Winning Newsletter
  • Segment promoted in Farm Marketer’s Award-Winning Newsletter

As show sponsor our goal is to place your company front and center in front of your future customers.

Are you looking to share your expertise with farmers while create powerful video marketing content pieces?

If so, don’t wait and book your Expert Corner segment(s) today!

Reach Farmers. Today.

Podcast Corner:
​Podcast Promotion Services

Does your company have a podcast and you are looking for ways to grow your audience?


Farm Marketer’s Podcast Corner

Your company likely got into podcasting with the goal of sparking a conversation around a topic you’re passionate about, right? You wanted to share your knowledge, promote your brand, and deliver value to Canadian farmers, right?

When asked, “What are you most frustrated by about podcasting?” companies often share that “It is so hard to get farmers to know that our show exists. We have tried everything to boost our numbers…it’s so hard to promote our show above the sea of podcasts.”

Without a strong marketing plan and advertising strategy, many podcasts do not gain the traction they deserve.

Don’t let this happen to your show. Farm Marketer’s Podcast Promotion Services is here to help…

Reach Farmers. Today.

The Opportunity

In the Podcast Corner Promotional Program, you receive:

  • 4 x Weekly Podcast Listings in Farm Marketer’s “Podcast Corner” News Section
  • 4 x Weekly Podcast Episode Featured in Farm Marketer’s Award-Winning Newsletter
  • 4 x Weekly Podcast Episode Featured on Farm Marketer Social Media platforms
  • (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

If You’re Looking To Promote Your Podcast And Grow A Listenership, You’re In The Right Place!

​Supercharge your podcast marketing strategy with dynamic and effective podcast advertising on Farm Marketer 

Reach Farmers. Today.

​Reach Farmers. Today.


Farm Marketer Marketing Solutions

Wow. That was a lot hey?

To summarize, Farm Marketer Advertising Solutions Can Help You Reach Canadian Farmers Through:

  • Display Advertising on
  • Sponsored Content Article In Farm Marketer’s News Section
  • Newsletter Sponsorship of Farm Marketer’s Award Winning Newsletter
  • ​Social Media Posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram)
  • ​Impact Farming Show Sponsorship
  • ​Impact Farming Show Guest Appearance
  • ​Expert Corner Video Segments
  • ​Podcast Corner: Podcast Promotion Services​​

Not Sure What’s Best For Your Business?

Request Advertising Information & We Can Set Up A Time To Chat Marketing

Reach Farmers. Today.

Trusted By Agriculture Companies

Could Your Next Customer Be Browsing Our AG Media Website?

For nearly two decades we have been helping agriculture companies to place their products and services in front of Canadian farmers.

Remember, You Are Just  One Lead Away From Your Next Sale

Reach Farmers. Today.

You got questions? We’ve got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

+Q. I am nervous about being on camera. I am no Hollywood actor.

A. Perfect. We just need you and your expertise. The interview is carefully scripted, plenty of time to prepare, and Tracy makes it extremely comfortable. The interview is just like you are having a conversation with a friend over zoom.

+Q. When will the video air?

A. We have a few spots left for late 2023 but we are now booking for 2024. Right now we are focused on filling the spring spots but you can gladly reserve your week of choice anytime in 2024. Spots are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

+Q. I am a busy business owner/marketer/media buyer and I don’t have a lot of time to prepare this. How much prep time is required by me?

A. Not very much at all. We just need an online banner from you to get the online, newsletter, and social media started. Then for the interview, we prepare the questions and send them to you for approval. You can add/remove/change questions at that time. Then just show up for the interview that will take approximately 1 hour.

+Q. I don’t have an online ad to use.

A. No problem. Your campaign comes with free artwork. We create a 300x250 banner for your campaign. Additional sizes can be purchased at $100/ad. These ads are yours to keep and use as desired in the future.

+Q. When do we pay?

A. Once you pick your spot, we will issue the invoice and it’s due upon broadcast of your video segment.

+Q. Can you remind me of everything we get?

In our memberships, you get….

  • • Enhanced Agent Profile
  • • 24/7 Member Dashboard
  • • Unlimited Property Listings
  • • FREE Data Entry (Gold & Platinum Memberships)
  • • Premium Placement (Silver & Gold Memberships)
  • • Social Media Exposure (Gold Membership)
  • • Farm Marketer eNewsletter Exposure (Gold Membership)
  • • Gold Level Exposure Farm Marketer & Cottage Marketer (Platinum Membership)

Memberships Range from $29.95/month to $89.95/month
SPECIAL OFFER – Go with Annual Plan & Get 2 Months Free

+Q. Can I wait and book this in 2024?

A. A. This is a limited time and limited availability offer. We only offer one video segment per week, which is 4 per month and only 16 spots available during the prime (January to April) season.

Don’t wait. Reserve your spot today.

+Q. What if I am unhappy with the marketing bundle?

A. No problem at all. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t feel that we have provided you with all the value promised, we will refund your money back no questions asked.

​Reach Farmers. Today.

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